Head-quartered in the Hunter region, Ampcontrol is a group of companies that delivers integrated electrical, electronic and control solutions to improve safety and efficiency in mining, renewable, infrastructure and industrial applications across the Hunter, Australia and the world.

In response to the NSW Government’s calls for the design and development of a low-cost, life-saving back-up ventilator solution during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ampcontrol brought together NSW Government, universities, and industry on a Ventilator Innovation Project.

‘Ventasys’, a fully developed emergency ventilator, is the result of this collaboration, and was unveiled in September 2020 by Managing Director & CEO, Rod Henderson

“We’re pretty proud of Ventasys. To turn a concept into a first-class lifesaving piece of medical equipment in such a critical timeframe is testament to the highly advanced capability and skilled expertise in our region. Our collaboration partners included clinicians at the John Hunter Hospital as well as other specialist electrical engineering companies and the University of Newcastle which demonstrates the ability of our local industry to work together, to pivot quickly and to solve unique problems.” Mr Henderson said.

Ampcontrol strongly advocates for continued collaboration and government partnerships to replicate this successful partnership, and to boost jobs and the economy through investment in research & development, infrastructure, and product innovation. Mr Henderson recognises that the new MedTeCCH initiative is playing a vital role in facilitating cooperation to help achieve this.

According to RDA Hunter’s Executive Officer and Director of Regional Development, Trevor John, “It’s timely that the Hunter considers its future, pathways to sustainability and opportunities for industry development that will drive economic growth. So, in partnership with the Ai Group and companies like Ampcontrol, RDA Hunter is building a strong, local Network to support the MedTech and pharmaceuticals cluster in the Hunter.”

MedTeCCH is a new industry-first network that brings together Hunter Central Coast-based MedTech and Pharma companies, national industry associations, sector specialists and education and research organisations. Formed by Regional Development Australia (RDA) Hunter and Ai Group in June 2020, it aims to strengthen and grow the Hunter’s cluster of vital, knowledge-led MedTech companies and organisations through collaboration across the Hunter Central Coast region.

“MedTeCCH’s role is to bring together key players in a whole-of-supply-chain approach to MedTech industry growth. We warmly welcome Ampcontrol’s contribution to the MedTeCCH initiative and the leadership it has shown in forming fruitful collaborations. We’re looking forward to working together to seize opportunities that will strengthen and grow this important sector.” Mr John continued.

Mr Henderson added, “I am very optimistic for the future of the local manufacturing industry. I’m pleased that Ampcontrol can contribute to collaborations that lead to growth in our advanced manufacturing and MedTech sectors as well as the wider Hunter economy.

“With the continued support of government, I am confident that, as a region, we can build an industry leading medical manufacturing hub where businesses, researchers, students, and trainees work side-by-side developing new ideas, learning pathways, products and services with commercial application. The development of strategically important domestic manufacturing within the Hunter will provide immense benefit to the local industry, economy, and community,” Mr. Henderson added.

Case Study by Kate O’Mara

For more information contact RDA Hunter’s MedTeCCH Project Director, Kate O’Mara 0412 303 744 or kate.omara@rdahunter.org.au