Imagine conquering cancer, only to face painful swelling and lumps from fluid build-up, causing infections that put you back in hospital 3 times. Nothing on the market helps but using a new product, DP-Tx, within 2 weeks the lump and swelling are gone. This is the actual experience of one of Chezleon’s patients.
ChezLeon’s patented DP-TxTM technology is a unique Australian product designed to relieve the pain and swelling of fluid blockages and lymphoedema, significantly improving quality of life for patients.
Lymphatic disfunction or Fluid blockages cause painful, persistent swelling causing disfigurement, inability to breast feed, infections such as cellulitis that can lead to hospitalisation, psychosocial consequences & lifelong conditions such as lymphoedema with NO CURE.
Lymphoedema is the hidden epidemic being under-recognized and undertreated worldwide with a minimum 250mil Worldwide (WHO), affecting both males and females as well as children of all ages. Cancer treatment is one of the main causes of lymphoedema with an estimated 1.9 mil new cases per year the number of people suffering with lymphoedema will increase.
Chezleon’s unique patented DP-TxTM technology empowers people to Go with the Flow and Live Life
– Reduce pain and swelling
– Recover from surgery and injuries
– Regain quality of life
The company’s first product for Breast Cancer, Breast Surgery & Mastitis is set to launch early 2024.
Chezleon is excited by the multiple-market potential for DP-TXTM in the treatment of fluid blockages, post-surgery, recovery & sportwear. Its B2B2C model gives easy access for patients to off-the-shelf, effective products which could impact the quality of life for millions of people worldwide.