According to Rae Dower, Matilda’s Pathway Technical Lead & Head Coach Women’s U17, “Compeat is changing the game in nutrition and athlete well-being! The direct athlete impact on and off the field is refreshing and one of a kind.”

High praise for Newcastle-based Compeat Performance and its groundbreaking digital health solution, designed to elevate athlete development, performance, and availability. Conceived by the husband-and-wife team of Dan and Alicia Edge, the innovation stemmed from a determination to shift the focus of athlete performance away from traditional prescription methods.

Their vision was to move beyond the consult model and explore impactful, human-centered ways to support athletes. Initially redefining nutrition success by emphasizing behavior, environment & relationships, the Compeat model continues to expand to incorporate more psychology and encompass a holistic view of people and well-being. A model that provides unique insight into athlete injury and illness risk, training adaptations, and performance.

This vision has become a reality, with Compeat Performance now partnering with prominent organisations such as The Matildas & Socceroos, Lacrosse Australia, and Professional Footballers Australia, alongside a number of prominent World and Olympic-level athletes.

Delivered through its proprietary technology platform, Compeat focuses on positive motivation alongside scaled support for the athlete, wherever they are in the world and when and where it’s needed to realise impactful health & performance outcomes. A flexible and accessible shift that is achieving benefits for both the Athlete and Practitioner.

With its continued success, Compeat is broadening its sports application to afford the same health and well-being benefits seen by the Matildas to the Employee and Population Health markets. An expansion that will provide new predictive and preventative opportunities at population level scale to help grapple a number of society’s large health challenges.