Pivoting is something we’ve all heard lots about in the last three years – pivoting for sustainable growth, to enter new markets, and the big one … to shore-up sovereign capability.

To pivot is smart in the wake of the multi-industry shortages Australia experienced during the pandemic, and one small company in the Hunter region of NSW has done just that.

Creative Pipeline (CP) has cleverly leveraged new introductions, made possible by the region’s Health & Medtech Cluster, to pivot into one of the Hunter’s most promising growth sectors – Health – and in doing so has created new products and set itself up for the future.

Creative Pipeline commenced as a one-man operation in 2006 specialising in virtual reality, 3D animation and augmented reality, primarily for the resource sector. Tim Black, that one man, went on to develop his video production, 3D animation and industrial design know-how into a unique offering that simplifies technical, complex information into world class visual resources.

With clients like Orica, Bradken, BHP and AustMine, Tim and his small team solve big problems for companies who need better ways to train their people, or market themselves in a better way. They have a mining mindset and were doing well, but knew they needed to consider diversifying their client base to secure the company’s future. Seeking out and accessing opportunities were pressing challenges.

Listen, learning and testing the market at health focused events and site visits helped Creative Pipeline clarify its health offering and develop new marketing collateral. They began to think differently about the application of their technology – to the point where they developed CP’s first health-specific VR product.

Escape VR has been designed to allow anyone to feel the calming effects of beautiful natural places via a VR headset: made possible by travelling to National Parks in both NSW and the NT, capturing 360 video footage of hard to get to, calm locations nearby to waterfalls and outback ridges. Recently, this product has been trialled at a Newcastle Aged Care facility to discover two things: whether VR technology can help residents experience the calming effects of nature from their Aged Care home, and if it can help Aged Care staff use the technology as a “Tool for Work”.

Creative Pipeline’s capabilities have also enabled them to develop other use-cases for VR as “Tools for Work” in the Health sector for training and facility planning.