Design + Industry (D+I) electronics engineers and University of Newcastle (UoN) alumni Mitchell Bright and Hugo Denham Wells are celebrating their involvement in the design and development of AdvanCell’s Isotope Generator, 2022’s Good Design Award of the Year.

The Isotope Lead²¹² Generator is a worlds-first alpha isotope generator which addresses the greatest unmet need in targeted alpha therapy – the reliable and scalable supply of isotope.

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AdvanCell are a Sydney-based radiopharmaceutical company that have developed a platform technology capable of producing scalable, local isotopes every day. Their platform has the ability to manufacture clinical doses of a high-value isotope, Lead²¹² for use in targeted radionuclides therapy. Their method is touted as a game-changer for prostate and several other cancer treatments. By enabling a scalable, local isotope production capability, the Generator will be able to fast track the delivery of these cutting-edge cancer treatments.

In order to take their technology to the market, AdvanCell engaged D+I, Australia’s leading product development consultancy. AdvanCell were able to leverage D+Is full-service capabilities which include Industrial design, Mechanical Engineering and Electronics thus providing AdvanCell with a turnkey product development service.

D+I Newcastle’s Lead Electronics Engineer, Mitchell Bright commented, “it’s been a huge honour to work on a project this impactful. Furthermore, it’s incredible to be able to say that we achieved the product outcome in under 12 months.”

Working alongside Mitchell in the project was 2019 UoN Faculty Medal winner Hugo Denham Wells. AdvanCell’s Isotope Lead212 Generator is currently being used in CSIRO research facilities in Queensland where it is currently producing clinical doses of Lead²¹².

Design + Industry is a product design and development consultancy with studios based in Melbourne, Sydney and Newcastle. D+I oers an integrated product design, engineering, electronics, and production management service (ISO 13485:2016 Certified) — delivering successful commercial outcomes by creating class-leading products and user experiences for local and global markets. The team at D+I is internationally recognised for design and engineering excellence, validated by having won over 230 industry awards. Over three decades, D+I has established itself as a trusted + proven partner to industry innovators looking to translate ideas + discoveries into commercialised real-world solutions.
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Head of D+I, Newcastle
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AdvanCell is an Australian radiopharmaceutical company with a platform technology for a revolutionary cancer treatment called Targeted Alpha Therapy. The AdvanCell ²¹²Pb Generator is a proprietary manufacturing platform capable of delivering a scalable solution to fully automated, GMP compliant manufacture of alpha radioligand therapies. Alpha 212® is AdvanCell’s trademarked formulation of its generator produced isotope Lead-212 in vial. AdvanCell routinely manufactures Alpha 212® enabling full control of the manufacture of a pipeline of targeted alpha therapies. The AdvanCell generator has been designed and developed in New South Wales in collaboration with Design + Industry (D+I) an Australian based product development consultancy. AdvanCell currently operates laboratories at the University of Newcastle and other facilities in Queensland and Adelaide. AdvanCell’s proprietary ²¹²Pb production technology provides access to an unmatched supply of alpha isotopes to accelerate clinical development of a portfolio of targeted alpha therapies.
Andrew Adamovich
Chief Executive Ocer
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