EzyAid was created by Jess Hay and Adam Geostis when their son Matty was born with MED-13L Syndrome, which meant he had to be tube-fed for the first two years of his life.

Tube feeding was Matthew’s only option due to the high risk of an acute aspiration event, but it wasn’t easy. While tube feeding saved their son’s life, they encountered many challenges along the way. Tube changes were traumatic – whenever the tube dressing got wet, it lost adhesion and irritated his skin, necessitating another change. Like all babies, Matty also tended to play with his dressing and pull out his tube. Over time, he developed a feeding aversion as he associated food with the discomfort and emotional distress of having hands in his face for tube changes.

Frustrated by the lack of options to secure his tube and minimise his distress, Jess and Adam decided to invent a solution. They developed EzyAid – waterproof, adhesive dressing that secures tubes to the face for tube-fed people, particularly babies.

Around 280,000 Australians (including 80,000 children) rely on a NasoGastric (NG) or Orogastric (OG) tube for sustenance. Millions more around the world need to be tube fed due to the impact of eating issues and complex health conditions. Jess and Adam’s EzyAid solution offers: