Download: Hunter Central Coast Health & Medtech Industry Prospectus


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The Hunter Central Coast (HCC), on Australia’s eastern seaboard, is a strategically located, economically complex region with a collaborative and forward-thinking business environment. It has a diverse, connected health and medtech ecosystem that includes more than 65 businesses and organisations including allied health companies, national industry associations, Health specialists, and education & research organisations.

It includes SMEs with manufacturing and engineering pedigree that are agile and can scale rapidly. It has a job-ready skilled workforce; world-leading science, research and innovation capabilities, and is proximate to local, national and international markets.

Importantly HCC demonstrates the collaborative mindset that helps businesses successfully scale design, production and distribution.

A combined population of over 1 million people makes Hunter Central Coast the second most populated area in NSW. According to DataAU, Hunter Central Coast has a combined GRP (Gross Regional Product) of $75B, 11% of NSW’s.

HCC offers investment opportunities in digital health, medical devices, and rapid prototyping as well as product development partnerships in biotech and pharmaceuticals.