Honeysuckle Health is a specialised healthcare data science and services company on a mission to create better pathways to better health outcomes by providing highly targeted, high-quality healthcare solutions.

Harnessing the Power of Data: Our core strength lies in data science. Through our data models, AI and machine learning platforms, we extract valuable insights from healthcare data with the aim of enabling individuals to make informed decisions about their health and empowering our partners with a deeper understanding of their customers’ health indicators, trends and risks.

System-Wide Impact: Ultimately, improved health outcomes not only benefit the individual, but have a flow-on effect benefiting insurers, providers, the entire healthcare system, and the wider population. Data has the power to amplify that impact significantly.

Focusing on the Individual: Supported by real-time machine learning models, we identify and prioritise individuals who would benefit most from our programs aimed at health interventions, recovery from or preparation for treatments, and mental health and wellbeing. Our continual improvement approach, fueled by data feedback loops, optimises patient selection and targeting, program delivery, and health outcomes.

In an exciting time for the healthcare industry, we’re on a journey to better health outcomes and system-wide improvements – data and innovation are driving us there.