Management of personal hydration is very important. Relying on thirst as a gauge is ineffective. Typically, by the time someone feels thirsty, they have already lost 1-2% body weight in water and are starting to suffer dehydration related mental and physical impact. Today, however, it is surprising difficult to measure hydration easily.

Local bio-tech start-up IhydRATE has created the ‘Salhy’ test. The Salhy test uses leading edge biochemistry with machine vision technology to measure personal hydration in real time.

Salhy is a saliva-based test that is convenient, affordable, fast and easy to use. Compared to other current measures such as urine testing or a blood test, the Salhy test is not invasive, it’s not painful or messy, it can be used when on-the-go.

For sports athletes and their coaches, occupational health & safety managers monitoring their heat-stressed workforce or the carers of vulnerable groups such as the elderly, the Salhy test offers a fast and simple method to monitor hydration. This can assist in optimising general performance, productivity and improve safety. It can reduce the risk of dehydration related illness.

IhydRATE is an 100% locally owned and developed technology, with relationships with University of Newcastle, Hunter/Central Coast pilot customers and local manufacturing planned.