Lincoln Black is an independent Industrial Designer helping small and startup medical device companies turn their big ideas into successful, elegant devices.

With a focus on usability and human factors, he is passionate about improving quality of life through outstanding design. From concept development and prototyping, to product visualisation and design for manufacture. He collaborates across disciplines to develop devices that make a difference to clinicians, caregivers, and patients.

His process is lean and agile with outstanding attention to detail, aiming to deliver exceptional value to medtech founders. This approach allows him to be flexible to the challenges of research and development, pragmatically balancing the needs of quality, regulatory, and commercialisation, with business objectives.

With 20 years of experience and 15 years developing medical and orthopaedic devices, Lincoln has helped bring many devices to market. He works with clients both locally and interstate. Among his current projects, he is building devices to treat otitis with media effusion (OME) in children, improve fixation of femoral neck fractures, and drastically improve the success rate of patient cannulations.

In the future he hopes to empower medical device entrepreneurs to explore problems and build their own solutions through education in design and design thinking.