For a decade, Mudbath has been at the convergence of strategy, design, and software engineering, creating impactful digital products. In 2023, the company began a pivotal integration phase with Endava, a renowned NYSE-listed digital and technology consultancy with
a two-decade global impact record. This merger and acquisition has empowered Mudbath with greater global insights and enhanced innovation in healthcare, while benchmarking Mudbath’s solutions against international standards, solidifying its position in the APAC region.

Through engaging with health leaders, analysing public discourse and leading in-depth client discovery sessions, Mudbath works to address challenges in Australia’s digital healthcare system, whether it be overall patient experience, cost efficiencies, or diagnostic and treatment outcome communications.

The agency’s full-service product offering has seen SaaS tools introduced for GPs, enhancing financial transparency and operational efficiency in practices. Additionally, it has delivered a pharmacist-owned CRM platform that delivers seamless digital dispensary and patient
management systems, heightens government service integration, and drives community engagement, removing the barrier of access for Australia’s aging demographic.

In an ongoing client partnership with one of Australia’s leading health insurers, Mudbath delivers efficiencies across its entire digital ecosystem, integrating the company’s core engine product into existing systems, automating processes, and enhancing claims procedures to reduce operational expenses. Beyond this, Mudbath transformed the company’s advanced platform services, driving digital innovation, and the early integration of AI chatbots to heighten customer engagement. A sophisticated integration program elevated sales processes, streamlined onboarding of government and regulatory systems, and produced a customised NDIA productand process offering.

Mudbath’s excellence in product strategy and creation of companion applications for emerging and established MedTech products demonstrates the company’s focus on advanced software and technology solutions for the sector. Whether harnessing the power of data or delivering advanced cloud-based systems, each product delivers stakeholders with feedback in real-time to impact decision-making, monitors health data to provide notifications to patients, and aggregates vast datasets to leverage trends and insights for business launches and existing product evolutions.

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