Shaped like a mouthguard – but with a handle – Myo Munchee is a soft, durable silicone  chewing device that massages the teeth and gums to encourage improved breathing patterns, healthier teeth and gums, and a “good quality face”.

Developed in 1967 by Dr Kevin Bourke, a dentist in Maitland NSW, the TGA and FDA certified device is a result of Dr Bourke’s revolutionary research into the function and development of jaws. He discovered that like any part of the body, the jaw and facial muscles need the right kind of exercise/movement to stay healthy. And, that chewing enhances jaw and mouth muscle strength, jaw growth, correct swallow patterns and assists in optimal oral health and function. As a result of his research, he created a fun and easy to use device, The Munchee, that also encourages lip closure, correct resting tongue placement & swallow pattern and promotes nasal breathing.

The company is now headquartered in Newcastle and run by his daughter, chiropractor and CEO Mary Bourke. Mary has established global export markets for Myo Munchee and continues to refine the product through research partnerships. Mary and her team’s goal is to provide education to the public and practitioners about the long term impacts of poor oral health, lifestyle and underdeveloped jaws and how they affect future well-being.