Nupress Group supplies leading edge products with the latest technology to Mining, Building, Aerospace & Defence and now Medical sectors.

To compete in an increasing competitive international marketplace Nupress’ focus is on working smarter not harder. Its innovative manufacturing approach positions it for the manufacture of unique and complex parts while also excelling in high quantity batch manufacturing. Its 5s and LEAN principles including cyber capability, the latest technology and reverse engineering processes, enable successful outcomes.

Medical is a new focus area for Nupress. With a proven track record of partnering with innovative health professionals in the design and development of components and instrumentation, the company has manufactured niche products including bone broaches, specialised tooling, instruments and prosthetic components.

It provides full reverse engineering of parts and assemblies, solid modelling and dynamic simulation. Nupress offers destructive testing as well as non-destructive testing of parts, engineering reports, weld procedures and documentation in accordance with AS/NZS 1554: FEA, Mechanical and Structural Engineering.

With the use of some of the most advanced CNC equipment and state of the art 3D modelling, Nupress is dedicated to meeting the needs of the ever evolving Health industry and is working towards its ISO 13485:2003 certification.