OT Sketch is a software company that creates design tools specifically for Occupational Therapists, who use the platform to create home environments that are accessible for older adults and people living with disabilities.

The company was created due to other Computer Aided Design (CAD) software programs being either too difficult or too outdated to be used effectively for the purpose of home modifications. This is where OT Sketch is positioned; providing an intuitive online platform that streamlines the design process. OT Sketch empowers Occupational Therapists to focus on what truly matters: the home modification results for their clients so that they may live better lives.

The company was founded by two University of Newcastle graduates and crafted with the guidance and expertise of a large group of Hunter-based Occupational Therapists (of which, some are HMIC members!). The software allows the design of features such as stairs, ramps and rails and much more that foster independence, mobility, and an enhanced quality of life for our community.

The updates, innovation and growth is coming thick and fast for the OT Sketch technical team and their “sketchers”, as their users are affectionately known, so visit the website to find out more.

Visit otsketch.com