QiTek Group, headquartered in the Hunter, specialises in cutting-edge, cloud-connected Smart Air Purifiers and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Sensors designed for commercial and industrial settings.

QiTek’s IAQ Assessment Service is ideal for businesses and organisations seeking to enhance employee well-being, ensure regulatory compliance, mitigate legal and financial risks, and optimise operational efficiency. It’s a valuable solution for those committed to fostering a healthy, productive, and sustainable workplace environment.

Our Smart Air Purifiers harness the power of Hydroxyl radicals, naturally occurring cleansing molecules that efficiently sanitise both air and surfaces within treatment spaces. These Hydroxyls disperse throughout the entire area, ensuring comprehensive sanitisation.

QiTek’s technology combats viruses, bacteria, mould, VOCs, and odours, with the Doherty Institute confirming a kill rate of up to 99.93% against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

All our products are IoT-enabled and seamlessly connect to a robust commercial-grade cloud system capable of managing countless devices.