RDA Hunter is delighted to have had the opportunity to showcase MedTeCCH in the latest Economic Development Australia Journal.

View the story, MedTeCCH – Building a Regional Industry Cluster, page 30

EBook – https://joom.ag/anGI

PDF – EDAJ_Vol14No3_Final

Here’s an excerpt …

Building capacity, creating high-skill jobs and attracting investment are key tenets of economic growth. But, in a complex, diverse economy how do we know the industries to back; the ones that will stand us in good stead for the future: deliver new jobs and future growth?

Regional Development Australia (RDA) Hunter contemplated these questions in 2014 in the face of a new round of economic transition in the Hunter region of NSW.

Traditional industries like mining, manufacturing and energy production are the bedrock of the region’s economic success. Shifting to new renewable energy sources marked the start of another round of change in a region well accustomed to ‘pivoting’.

RDA Hunter, as the Federal Government’s vehicle to support economic development in the Hunter region, was challenged to plan for and support economic and industrial diversification in these changing times. We looked to other countries and, particularly, regions that had successfully navigated to new economies, noting that building on their strengths and specialisations were significant success factors.