Robotic Systems is an engineering consultancy.

It creates electronics, software and hardware to accelerate the journey from initial idea to manufactured devices that its customers own and sell.

Robotic Systems’ electronics and hardware solutions focus on the circuit board development and system design to provide electrical measurement and control, collect data, and communicate that data to a computer for software transformation. The company combines off-the-shelf with custom designed hardware solutions to achieve a desire specification and integrate these electronics to accommodate any constraints.

Its software solutions turns data gathered from electronic and hardware systems into knowledge. The company assembles data gathered from real world subjects (for example rocks, gases, and temperatures) through sensors and inputs and transform that data into information and knowledge that can be used to create products and help decision makers.

Robotic Systems’ manufacturing covers the process of preparing components for assembly, creating systems and documentation on what and how to assemble, and the tooling required for assembly, and configuration and calibration of the final product. Its manufacturing process also includes the stock management for our customers, final system checks, and packaging and shipping the product to customers.