According to World Health Organisation research, up to 50% of vaccinations are lost due to improper temperature monitoring and maintenance.

Temperature fluctuation can cause damage to vaccines which each have different temperature requirements.

Thermalog is an accurate temperature monitoring system that provides detailed information about temperature deviations. The system monitors temperatures 24 hours a day, seven days a week; saves the data on cloud-based storage for easy retrieval, and alerts the user when the temperature falls out of already set standards.

Pharmacy regulations and quality control standards are strict for manufacturing and delivering medicinal products. Thermalog maintains precise control over the temperature monitoring process guarding against diminished product effectiveness, patient impact, unnecessary costs to healthcare providers and harm the manufacturer’s reputation.

According to the CDC (Centre of Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines, every vaccine storage unit must have a temperature monitoring device that can provide an accurate, around-the-clock temperature history critical for protecting vaccines.

Thermalog monitoring and safety systems, established, designed and manufactured in the Hunter region by Abid Khan and his team, is the answer.