Heart failure has a significant impact on our health system. 8 Australians die of heart failure every day and 73,000 hospitalisations in 2018-2019 were the result of heart failure costing the Australian health system $billions. 60% of hospitalisations for heart failure are due to fluid overload.

A Central Coast start-up, Water Monitor™ has developed a simple, practical, recyclable tool to help keep track of fluid intake and reduce the impact of fluid overload on patients and the health system.

Water Monitor™ is an interactive, reusable, time-saving aid that helps nursing staff and patients monitor and manage fluid intake at the bedside.

Designed with clinical staff and the patient in mind, the simple system created by Founder and CEO of Water Monitor™, ex-registered nurse Heather Hocking empowers patients, their carers and staff to record accurate and real-time fluid intake information, saving time for busy clinicians and enabling proactive interventions and personalised treatment plans.

The tool may not only help reduce risk of pulmonary overload for the vulnerable cardiac patients but for others at risk of consequences of dehydration both in hospital and in the community.

Water Monitor™ supports better health outcomes for people with prescribed fluid restrictions and fluid goals and aims to reduce the likelihood of re-hospitalisation.

The venture is currently preparing for a pilot study with Central Coast Local Health District exploring efficacy and potential for the NSW Health system.

It is available for purchase at www.watermonitor.com.au